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Temps and P.P.T.s


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This is a page devoted to the temp & P.P.T. concerns

Please send your opinions and comments and we will post them.We will not publish comments that defame anyone because that is not the reason this site is being published. Constructive comments will be posted as recieved.

There is a lot of pissed off temps out there as we have seen on other website's.
After reading all of the comment's on other sites we can't believe what we are reading.
I would hope cooler heads will prevail in these trying times.
For the temps that believe putting fulltime employee's on the street and then crossing the picket lines to "teach them a lesson" is the right thing, well I am afraid you need a lesson in trade unionism.
When you want change in a government, you vote them out.
When you want change in a union, you exercise your right to make that change by voting at elections.
The turnout in the last few elections was not very good.
It showed lack of interest on both fulltime and temp employee's.
It is time we both started to get involved and become unified once again!