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We will publish your comments as long as they are printable!

We are getting good reviews from our Brothers and Sisters in the Brampton Local. There is not many e-mails coming from the Whitby warehouse Brother's and Sister's. Let's get those comment's mailed!

( taken from local 375 website)

Posted by Beer Store Temp on 3/1/2002, 1:12 am=20

Hello Brothers and Sisters
For those who don't know I wanted to let you know about the Local 375 =
website. The good brothers and sisters in Local 375 have put up a =
website in order for them to stay informed with what is going on during =
these times. Nice Work! Those not in Local 375 might want to ask their =
local president WHY DON"T WE HAVE A WEBSITE ???

Many of the articles located on the website offer interesting reading, =
and important information that you, I and every other member should know =
before going in to vote.

The recent U.B.W.W. Provincial Board Newsletter that we all received =
this past week had some interesting comments from our President John R. =

"It has come to our attention over the past few months that websites =
have been opened by at least a few of our members throughout the =
province. While this is an efficient method of communication, it is only =
beneficial to the members throughout the province when the information =
is current, factual, and truthful.

Unfortunately, some of the information being offered in none of the =
above and is in fact no more that personal opinion and conjecture. It =
would seem to me, and be more beneficial at times we presently find =
ourselves in, to be supportive of one another rather than looking for =
someone to blame."

I would like to thank John R. Montgomery for spreading the word about =
these websites to all our members who before hand had no idea that they =
existed. It is our hope that those who don't know about them, will begin =
to ask about them and what the website address is.

The only thing brother Montgomery left out was the website address. Here =
they are for those interested.

Just one comment here on what brother John R. Montgomery had said. He =
stated "While this is an efficient method of communication, it is only =
beneficial to the members throughout the province when the information =
is current, factual, and truthful. Unfortunately, some of the =
information being offered is none of the above and is in fact no more =
than personal opinion and conjecture."=20

"Information is current"
Yes most of the information that we all have is outdated, BUT based on =

"Information is factual"
The only time we will see this FACTUAL information is when we go and =
vote. By then many of this factual information might not sit well with =
99.9% of the members. What do you do then ??? If it takes this long,(2 =
months now) for us to see this FACTUAL information how long then after =
will it take to get something that sound good to us?

"Information is TRUTHFUL"
This one takes the cake. Read the messages on all these websites. Read =
them again. Then go back and read them a third time. The brothers and =
MEMBERS,FULL,PART-TIME AND TEMP. The best weapon we have is informing =
our brothers and sisters as to what is going on. Ala these websites!!

"Information being offered is no more than personal opinion and =
If ones opinion is not personal, then what is it ??? I don't know about =
you guys but we all get to vote and every vote counts as one. Since when =
didn't PERSONAL OPINION matter in a union. All voices are equal, so =
whatever Joe next to me, or Jane in front of me thinks, I intend to =
listen and see how there opinions differ from mine then we try and come =
to a common ground. Chances are Joe's and Jane's PERSONAL OPINIONS are =

***** As for conjecture, read the related articles on Local 375 website =
and any past articles relating the UFCW union with other companies and =
there contracts. WOW!!! Now if that's not some scary stuff I don't know =
what is. *****

Once again, read the articles, educate yourself, and then come to your =
own conclusions. Chances are, you will agree with 99.9% of us and intend =
to voice your opinion with your vote when that time comes.

Any comments would be great!


( Just a little footnote, I will be happy to set up an
"official " website for Local 326w. I mentioned this
two years ago but I have heard nothing back. Maybe they think no news is good news!)

Did anybody read article in the SUN on Wednesday Feb 27th?

Christine Blizzard let us have it again!

Just by looking at her picture I could tell what type of person she is. Get a life Christine! Your lucky you can write for a paper because....

I was in the Stouffville Beer Store the day Canada won "GOLD".I was in line for more than 12 minutes to be served
and had the opportunity to listen to the complaints the public were making to each other.

I was ashamed. I was glad they did not know I was an employee.

The brothers working that day were working in a safe manner
the way the book say's " one at a time " but there is no way only two employee's should be on staff in a one store town on a Sunday while the biggest game of hockey was to be played.

Once again, all the overtime you want in logistics but don't dare use a couple of extra hours for retail.

Is it the company just does not care? Is it the manager just plain worried about hours? Of course he was not present! Whatever the case it is just plain WRONG!

Someone upstairs should go out and look and see what is going on out there. This is not about just having more help, it is about servicing the public properly. Nobody should have to wait that long period!

"Just wondering when the company is going to buy printers
in the stores that jam only twice a day" J.D.

"Why have we not heard anything about the contract talks?" R.L.

"Why do I have to go to work early just to get a parking spot?" W.W.

"What is in these talks for Temps?"

t="35" />

Make sure you follow the rules.
No profanity,no name calling.
Just an opinion that we can all read.
Got that!!


Now relax,have a beer and send us your thoughts!