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This page is for the store employee's and info pertaining to them

Send your comments and ideas. We will post all comments as long as they do not defame anyone.

I have some serious concerns for the Retail people. What if the company decided to change the way they retail beer in Ontario and store members of local 326 find themselves in a shortage of work or a layoff situation. Can we access work in a warehouse be it Brampton or Whitby? I believe if the Provincial Board lets us separate from the warehouse we cannot access the work in the warehouse. John Montgomery was asked this and he replied we have to negotiate it. Well I hope that he is negotiating hard for it because that is not what we are hearing!

I ask this question, why did we not get dovetailed into the
seniority list's with the warehouse's. A good solution is the store's that are serviced by Whitby warehouse stay with Local 326 and the stores serviced by Brampton get dovetailed into Local375.

Why were the members that went to the warehouses accomodated against job loss and not the retail people?

Why do store members have to look at provincial seniority in a shortage of work or layoff situation? WHY can't we be protected by a warehouse?

Will the Provincial Board try and force us into one local provincially because they negotiated something that only looks after half their members?

I want to know WHY only half the membership is being represented. How come all of a sudden we need a provincial seniority list? Does this not take the power off the Local Presidents? Why do we need a "GOD" at the top with all that power?. I believe that if this is what they are going to try and talk us into, they are not representing us properly and we should pursue other avenues to recieve the representation we deserve!

This has all the making's of Food City when they were with
U.F.C.W. Get ready to be told the only way you are going to keep your job is by way of a Provincial seniority list.

A consultant named Bill Reno may be spreading the news to all the store people just after this contract is signed. I have read on another website he will be trying to tell you this is the only way. Mark my words, this is NOT the only way!

(see link to info on Bill Reno)

Of course this is only my opinion once again. I welcome
any one with some knowledge on this issue to visit our guest book or e-mail us with some information.

How about Labatt's London changing Unions in the middle of a contract dispute because they feel they were not being represented properly?.Is it true? Is that allowed? Can you fire your union? Just wondering!

Bill Reno Articles

Can anyone out there figure out the logic of having to take
the clock's down in the stores so that the customer's will not realize how long they have been waiting?
How about staffing the store's with enough help, get the customer's beer quicker and let them look at the clock to see how fast they were in and out!!!

All the overtime you want in the warehouse but don't come into a store until 9:00 A.M. to get your store open.
Sometimes you just got to say "hmmmm"
Just wondering.

The above is only an opinion


There is still lot's more beer we can be selling !