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This Proposal is from LOCAL 375 Executive


March 07, 2002

Draft Proposal to be presented at the Sunday March 10, 2002 Emergency Membership Meeting.
Proposed by Local 375 Executive and subject to the perusal of Local 375 legal councel.

A proposal from Local 375 to the UBWW Provincial Board regarding stores not attached to a warehouse as a result of BRI restructure/amalgamation/consolidation letter.

a) The stores attaching to a warehouse has nothing to do with BRI but is an internal concern of the union membership.

b) There is no reason for job loss as a result of BRI restructure. There are still the same number of
licensees to be serviced and there has been an increase in delivery time and work time.

c) Local 375 is not interested in "empire building" and does not covet the dues or responsibility of servicing
a larger membership. We see this issue as a matter of respecting seniority, fairness and job security for all

d) Our proposal addresses concerns about local seniority rights, local recall rights, local hiring practice and
concerns about windup and partial windup of a pension plan.

This proposal is based on the original procedure by which Local 375 was formed, past practice and solid union principles. It is presented in the best interest of the affected members in Local 334, Local 326 and the host Local 375 within the employers operational boundaries for the Brampton warehouse. Our proposal serves the true democratic process.

Local 375 has one seniority list which includes both company retail and wholesale operations. Local 375
recognizes job or work sites as well as classifications and wishes to minimize any relocation and disruption to as many members as possible. Local 375 will entertain transfers of members on a one for one basis if their seniority is the same or similar, if both members agree, and if both local memberships agree.

Local 375 recognizes and accepts the common practices of end-tailing and/or dovetailing. Local 375 will attempt to accommodate any laid-off workers from other locals that are regularly serviced from the Brampton warehouse providing they are the junior members that are following their work. Local 375 does not respect the opinion..........."would not see a senior truck driver have to finish out his years working in retail until retirement." In fact, this local wants senior members to have work......any work.....until
retirement. For a senior member to have to give up vacation benefits, shift/job preference and early access to pension and start over in the workforce with the added threat of age discrimination is totally unacceptable. This view is held with respect to the entire provincial membership as well as the needs of the Local 375 membership. It is not about the Local 375 Executive, the size of our local or UBWW politics.

We therefor propose the following for Local 375 and the other UBWW Locals:


The membership in the affected retail areas of Oakville, Toronto and any future locations affected by BRI
restructure shall be permitted to vote in favour of one of the following options.

1. Remain as stand alone retail stores.

2. Affected retail stores can attach to the parent local of the original warehouse. Example: Oakville stores to Hamilton warehouse, Toronto stores to Whitby warehouse.

3. Affected retail stores can "dovetail" to the combined retail/wholesale single seniority list of Local 375 for
the purpose of layoff and recall rights.

With respect to option #3 above; it will be understood that the affected stores will continue to operate vacation and classifications within the retail groups or boundaries that currently exist. Example: Toronto North (west of Yonge), Toronto South (west of Yonge) and Oakville. (This would be the equivalent to departmental seniority within a plant seniority list.) Members will not be transferred outside these local boundaries save and except they move by posting.

Vacancies created in stores by regulars bidding on work in the warehouse will be offered on a seniority basis to all part timers and temps within the entire Brampton Local. Layoff and recall will supersede this agreement as in Section 7. Bumping rights will apply. This is the beginning of a true hiring practice for the temps.

Local 375 Executive

The Results Are In :
89 % Voted to stay a Chartered Local !!
Only 11 % want to change !!
What does this say Mr. Montgomery ?
My thoughts would be do not even think of
what you have proposed. We do not want it.
And PLEASE do not forget, YOU work for US, not US for YOU!!!!

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