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Send comments and we will post as long as they are constructive and do not defame anyone. The purpose of this site is to relay information and comments from all Brothers and Sisters working at B.R.I.



Just a thought about all the amalgamation going on in this province. Why have they gone from 37 or so warehouse's to just 7 or so?. Why are the new sites all leased properties?.
Why are they leasing new trucks rather than buying?.
And now they want to separate the Retail and Logistics seniority groupings.I would take a long hard look at this proposal from the company. It may mean nothing but where there is smoke, we usually get burned.
Why are the Toronto stores not affiliated with a warehouse anymore?
If you read the " store page " you will see how we feel about this issue.
Let's say they close the warehouse down.( I believe it is a lot easier to do now that all the property is leased and only seven of them not thirty-seven.) A worker with 25 years that has been laid off will not have access to a store, even though there might be a worker that WAS in his seniority grouping that has only 10 years. Is that fair? Should we give up that right? It is time to press the issue with your Executive and Provincial Board!

The infamous B.W. rumour mill is once again all around us.
We have heard the company was fined by the Ministry of Transportation for drivers working to much overtime and not getting enough rest.Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?
We have heard all sort's of rumours about the contract.
I am sure these are rumours so wait until you see it in writing.

I have recieved some comments from our Brothers and Sisters in Windsor about the cross docking that has been in use about 16 months. According to them it is not working at all.
They say it is a total disaster but the Company will not admit it. They wish someone had the ***** to step up and say they screwed up. Just like the Brother who wrote" I wish they would admit they made the new Whitby warehouse to small".


The above statements are only an opinion